Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursdays - Candles

Today, I am thankful for candles. I am not sure how or where candles originated (and I don't really feel like doing the research right now), but I am convinced they must have been divinely inspired. In the beginning their purpose probably was primarily to provide light. Today, though, candles seem to mean so much more.

I love how lighting candles changes the whole feel of a room. As a candle burns, it emits such amazing fragrances. Sometimes candles will convince you that cinnamon rolls are baking in the oven, fresh fruit has recently been sliced, sugar cookies are cooling, or a fresh pot of coffee is ready. (Or, as has been the case recently, a burning candle can cover offensive odors such as fresh or cooked onion. As much as I like onions, I don't prefer for my house to smell like onion for days.)

When the lights are out or dim, the flicker of the candle's flame can be mesmerizing. The light dims and brightens with each flicker. As a child I remember celebrating the arrival of a storm. In preparation, we would dig through cupboards and bring all of the candles to a central location, lighting a few just in case the power went out. Without power, almost all of our light source would be from candles. By candlelight we ate, played games, read books and once I even tried to put in my contacts. As much as a I love candlelight, when first learning to insert contacts, I really don't recommend it.

Today, as I walk past my kitchen table with candles burning in the middle, I glance over and smile. Candles just make me happy.

Come join me (and my friends at Adventures Of Raising A Baby In The City )! Every almost every Thursday, I will post something for which I am thankful, and I would love it if you participate as well. It is medicine for the soul to give thanks and, when practiced regularly, results in contentment. It can be anything: silly, personal, or blog related. Just take a moment to give thanks!


  1. When I got home Dad had some candles burning...just in case. I love the smell when I walk in the door.

  2. Soooo do you have a favorite candle scent? Right now I am on a hyacinth kick. I have some from the Pottery Barn that I get at the end of every season to use for the next year. I just love their fresh scent.

  3. Oh man, a favorite scent. Right now I love lemongrass. During the holiday season, I really like one called "cloved cranberry". I always like anything with cinnamon too. And frequently, I like to burn a few different scents at the same time.