Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goals for 2011

Many people make New Year's resolutions and thoroughly enjoy attempting to keep them. I know myself too well, though. Although I am great at making plans and knowing the "right" thing to do, I am awful at follow through. I procrastinate and put things off until the last minute. Why bother making a New Year's resolution I know I will break before January is even over?

Last night my husband and I helped in the junior high group at our church and the youth pastor, Sam Christensen, challenged the youth to set goals for this coming year. He said to stop and consider what decisions we are making and what direction we are going. I know the message was mostly intended for the youth, but it really struck me and challenged me. What steps am I taking? Where will those steps lead me? Is that really where I want to go?

A resolution is easily broken, but a goal is different. My Webster's dictionary defines a goal as "an end that one strives to attain." In that striving, there is room for both progress and failure. Even if I don't attain all of my goals this year, I can know that I at least moved in that general direction. I can make progress and that is encouraging to me.

I thought about my goals and the direction I want my life to go. These are the goals that I thought of so far. My list is probably incomplete and will continue to be tweaked, but it is a good starting point for me.

Life Goal
  • Glorify God. Honor Him in all I do.
Long Term Goals
  • Have a deep, growing relationship with the Lord.
  • Be madly in love with my husband.
  • Train our girls to be responsible, mature, loving women.
  • Serve and love others in our church and community.
  • Pay off our house and live debt free.
  • Eat and feed my family only nourishing healthy foods. Prepare a balanced diet.
  • Produce much of our food in our garden. Purchase remaining food locally.
  • Be healthy and physically fit.
  • Keep a generally organized and clean house.
Mid Term Goals (1-5 years)
  • Read the Bible daily. 
  • Continue serving in our church.
  • In addition to monthly date nights, plan weekends away with my husband.
  • Save for and plan a family vacation.
  • Grow and correctly store vegetables from our garden.
  • Run a 10k (2 years).
  • Run a half marathon (3-5 years).
  • Make and use a menu plan for our meals.
  • Create and maintain a cleaning and organizing schedule for our home.
    Short Term Goals (This year)
    • Be faithful in WEB (Bible Study) to complete my lessons and thoroughly prepare for my teachings and leading worship.
    • Schedule monthly date nights with my husband.
    • Make our Monday family night a priority. Plan fun things to do together.
    • Take the initiative in friendships.
    • Run a 5k this spring/summer.
    • Run a 5k this summer/fall.
    • Fence the yard (wood deer fence, upper area and garden).
    • Plant and maintain a vegetable garden.
    • Continue GNOWFGLINS e-course.
    • Write a blog post at least once a week.


        1. Run a 5K??? I thought you didn't like running! Are you regularly walking/running again? I sure need to get back into walking again - I'm definitely not as healthy with this pregnancy as my previous two.

        2. By the way, this run ( is coming up in only a little more than a month, but I think it looks like fun and would be a pretty easy way to begin. I'd be your partner if I wasn't going to be 9 months pregnant at the time of the race! :)

        3. Let me know if you need a running plan or a running buddy!

        4. Sara, I have been walking 3 or so miles on Mondays and Wednesdays. Then every school day I am jogging/running 1/2 mile to pick up Kylie from school and then walking back home with the kiddos. I think I am going to start some jogging/running on Friday mornings as well.

          Megan, I would love a partner! I think you are quite a ways beyond me, but if you ever feel like taking a nice, slow, easy jog, I would love it!

        5. You're going to be a busy girl. Congratulations on setting goals.

        6. Tanya, you are an inspiration! I used to run, I was a long distance runner in high school but haven't since... :(

        7. Well, Celia, I have NEVER been a runner. I am trying now and we will see how it goes. :)