Thursday, January 20, 2011

Loving My Tea Kettle

Most people talk about receiving an abundance of toasters as wedding gifts. Well, for us, it was tea kettles. Yes, we do love tea, but you can only use so many tea kettles. We decided to keep one tea kettle and return or -ahem- regift the remaining tea kettles. 

That first little tea kettle worked hard and produced some wonderful, boiling hot water for us. It certainly kept us on our toes too. Who can ignore the piercing screech of the kettle's whistle? Not us! Especially after we had kids. Imagine, little kids finally in bed and I decided that was the perfect opportunity for a cup of tea. I placed the tea kettle on the stove and waited for the water to boil. Only, as a sleep deprived mom, my memory was short and my attention span even shorter. Then the shrill whistle practically shook the house, quickly reminded me of my tea and forced me into a sprint for the stove, hoping to reach the stove before the horrible noise woke one or both of our kids. Ah, the memories.

After years of hot water production, the handle of our little tea kettle broke. As annoying as that was, I persevered with that little kettle for quite some time. Finally, I realized it was probably time to move on and find a new tea kettle.

At a friend's house, I ran across a different kind of tea kettle. I must say, it was love at first sight. Well, not really first sight, at first whistle. Her tea kettle made a different kind of sound. It wasn't high pitched, piercing the ear drums. It was a nice low pitch. As the water boiled even more, the low pitch turned into a beautiful, harmonious sound. As tempted as I was, I did not beg her to allow me to bring her tea kettle home. I took note of the brand name, went home, and immediately started searching online for one of my own.
Now, when the water is hot, I am kindly beckoned to my stove. In fact, my kids will at times hum along with the tea kettle. I no longer sprint to the tea kettle in an attempt to stop the noise as quickly as humanly possible. Now, I hear the noise, smile, and walk to the stove. Sometimes I even wait a minute so I can listen to the full chord.
Drinking a cup of tea should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment. Thanks to my tea kettle, the whole process is now calm and pleasurable. If you are in the market for a new tea kettle, I definitely recommend a Chantal.


  1. Oh... I am a tea girl from infancy. You make me wish we didn't have an insta-hot in our kitchen so I could have the lovely tea kettle. Great story, Tanya. :)

  2. Thanks, Jenelle! As much as I love my tea kettle, I would definitely trade it for an insta-hot. Right now I am very content with my tea kettle, but I have struggled with insta-hot envy before... :)

  3. So you already broke a New Year's Resolution, eh? You know, the one about blogging at least once a week.... ;o)

  4. Oh, I know. How hilarious is that? That is why I didn't make it a resolution, just a goal. Resolutions can be broken, but we just work toward goals. :) If only this lingering cold would go away!