Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Ran Like a Fool!

In January, one of the goals I set out to accomplish was running. At first I wasn't sure how I would accomplish that goal, but then I signed up for the Run Like a Fool 5k and made a running plan. I used the basic format a little, but I also deviated quite a bit. You see, I am fairly competitive. If I am going to sign up for a 5k, then I am going to make sure that I can run that 5k (or 3 miles) before the day of the run. So, I skipped a bit ahead in the running plan and ran my first full 3 miles about 2 weeks ago.

This morning, I woke up to a beautiful day. The forecast said showers, but I felt completely blessed to see sunshine and a mostly blue sky. I dressed, ate, and headed down to Heritage Park on my own. As I picked up my number and bag o' goodies, I realized that it was very windy and cold. Yikes! At least it was still sunny and not raining.

I started the race near the end/middle of the pack. I knew that I would not be one of those runners pushing to the front and passing everyone along the way. Even so, I did pass a few runners.

I have been wearing this great bright pink hat while running, but I had no idea how windy it would be today. The wind kept catching my hat and nearly causing me to sprint after it. (No, I have not been training for a sprint.)

The wind almost won the battle for my hat.
As I ran past the bridge on my first lap, I was surprised to see my own personal cheering squad. My parents were there as was my husband. But my most enthusiastic cheerleaders were my two little girls. They jumped, cheered and brought a smile to my face. They even ran this short little stretch with me.

I ran my second lap and as I came around toward the finish, I barely managed to grab my hat before the wind whisked it away. At this point, I just gave up on my hat and carried it to the end. With my hair blowing wildly about, I finished the race.

Again, my little girls were right there ready to hug me. They didn't "officially" record times, but I am pretty sure my time was around 33 minutes.

I did it! I ran a 5k!

Now, I am hesitantly considering the Capital City Marathon 5 miler...


  1. Good job, Tanya! I say go for the Capital City Marathon! It would be fun to run it with you...I wonder if I could get up to five miles in only a month (two more weeks of recovery to go before I can start exercising hard)? :)

  2. Awesome job! I was down there running a couple of hours later and we got wind, rain and hail. Miserable! I am so glad it was nice for you!

  3. Sara, if you are feeling up to it, that would be so fun!

    Megan, with how windy it was, I was REALLY thankfully it wasn't that windy AND rainy. Yes, that would have been miserable.

  4. YAY!!!! I am so Happy for you. It is so cool that you set a goal and achieved it YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good job! I just ran the race run like a fool also. I am 12 and i got first place for 21 and under with a time of 23 minutes.

  6. I was just talking to my sister today and this subject came up. She told me that it was her running group that put this race on!